We are the pioneer in the young barley grass juice market in the world.


The founder of JPD Co., Ltd., Yoshihide Hagiwara M.D., focused on preventive medicine from earlier, wished people healthy life and advocated well balanced diet to prevent illness and stay healthy.

During his research of more than 150 types of plants, including grasses, herbs, vegetables, and fruits, he discovered that young barley contains lots of functional nutrition such as enzymes, chlorophyll and flavonoid. Afterward he invented the unique powdering method that keeps those nutrition alive.

JPD Co., Ltd. has earned lots of customers’ confidence as the pioneer for young barley grass juice since we released the young barley grass juice in the market for the first time in the world in 1969.

Active preservation method keeps the nutrition in young barley grass juice alive.

  • Our green juice
    (Active preservation method)

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    Young barley grass grown
    with great care

    Young barley grass carefully grown in exclusive
    fields in Kyushu is harvested and transported to
    our plant for immediate processing in the same day.

  • Competitive green juice
    (dry crushing method)

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    Ingredients of green Juice

    Young barley, kale and other vegetables
    grown and supply from numerous places.

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    Squeezing young barley grass

    By Squeezing out green juice essence from
    inside the fibers in the grass,
    green juice essence can easily be
    absorbed into your body.


    Squeezed essence -> Great absorption

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    Heat and dry ingredients

    Heat dry ingredients and grind into powder.
    Green juice essence still remains in the fibers.

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    Powdering squeezed juice
    without heating

    Through the powdering process without heating
    on fresh green juice, more than 50 of
    green juice essence are alive
    in the product.


    Green juice essence is still alive
    with no heating.

  • Finished products

  • Finished product

    Our green juice goes through more than 50
    of strict quality tests and brings you a clean finish.

Functionality research of young barley grass juice

Since the foundation, the research team in JPD has continuously researched the young barley grass juice and we have presented more than 100 of research reports at the Pharmaceutical society of Japan and published more than 30 of research journal articles up to today.

As the result, the functionality of young barley grass has been well known, and JPD has been acknowledged as the leading company in the young barley grass juice market. We believe much more potentials in young barley grass juice and still keep on researching it.

From Japan to USA, Europe, Asia and global market


Since JPD released the young barley grass juice powder, it became a well-known health food in the world as well as in Japan.

Our young barley grass juice has been loved by quality-oriented customers all over the world, especially in Japan, USA, Europe and Asia, and contributed to people’s healthy life.